30+ Inspiring Shared Kids Room Design Ideas

1 min read

Bunk beds and roll out beds are excellent for kids who share a room, especially if each child can have their own bunk bed. This way both children can have sleepovers, without invading the other’s space. Another fun idea is that they can invite one another over to their bunk bed – affirming their individuality and boundaries. Even if only one bunk bed will fit in the room – it still separates the siblings and creates the feeling of a private space for each.

When children share a room it means they have double the amount of toys, books, etc. This inevitable means double the chaos and clutter. Luckily, a great way to avoid the mess is by furnishing their bedroom with enough storage space. Provide each of your children with their own container, toy chest or storage box to put their toys in. This will inspire your children to take care of their toys as well as teach them to tidy up after themselves. This way the bedroom remains (mostly) tidy and the kids won’t argue over “what is who’s.”

Storage beds are the wonderful and ingenious combination of extra storage and a roll out bed. This translates to more available space for the children – as the storage drawers can be ‘put away’ instead of taking up additional space in the bedroom. It also has the added benefit of an extra bed – for sleepovers made simple.

Simply dividing a shared bedroom with a room divider is a simple and effective way of creating a personal/ individual space for each child. This also means that you won’t have to do serious building alterations, as you can purchase a divider with an interesting and ‘hip’ design. Alternatively, you can also use a large bookcase/ set of shelves, which will grant you even more storage. Of course, you can combine the room divider and bunk beds concepts and create enough sleeping space for sleepovers for each kid as well.