20+ Stunning Clothes Rail Designs Ideas

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Putting your clothes away is something your mother probably spent years yelling at you about. As you get older you begin to appreciate the wisdom of not throwing clothes in a big pile on the floor.

Hanging your clothes up after you’ve worn them is a good idea. For those clothes that need washing obviously put them in the laundry basket. You’ll hear echoes of your mother here telling you to put your dirty clothes in the basket to.

When you’ve left home there are some things you might not get straight away. A laundry basket is one thing – so go and buy one now, so that you can keep your home cleaner and tidier by being able to put your dirty washing away.

For storing clothes a wardrobe is the most normal place. If you’ve got no hanging space then you’ll find yourself using the iron much more often! So get a rail – you can buy simple clothes rails if you can’t afford a proper wardrobe.

Using the right hangers to hang items up is important too. Wire hangers are fine for some light items, but on heavier items the weight of the fabric can cause the wire hanger to mark or cause dents on the fabric that need steaming out. For heavy jackets use wider wooden hangers, or proper plastic suit hangers that are designed to withstand the weight of a heavy quality jacket. There’s also special suit hangers with a trouser rail on too. This enables you to store matching jackets and trousers together.

Hang up suits after you take them off. As soon as you get home from a special occasion go and take off and hang up your expensive suit. If you do it straight away the creases from wearing it with come out more easily and it won’t gather anymore from being slung over the back of a chair (or the floor) when you’re too tired later on.