20+ Creative Painted Kitchen Cabinets Design Ideas

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Although it may seem to bore you, but the paint on a kitchen cabinet plays an important role in the look of it. The choice of paint decides how the kitchen would appeal to on lookers. It also depends on the look of the cabinet; you may want to ask yourself, will this paint give a good combination with my kitchen cabinet design?

There are different procedures involved in the painting of a kitchen cabinet. If you are painting it yourself, a quick search online for tutorials on the steps involved, and then all you need to do is carefully follow the steps.

There is a huge variety when it comes to painted kitchen cabinets, they can be from a natural oak limed finish to an antique paint finish depending on what actually is required.

Recently, I decided to give my kitchen cabinet a new paint job. Since I was kind of low on budget, I thought that I should paint the cabinet. I searched on the internet for some video tutorials on how to paint a cabinet; I found some good ones and downloaded them. in those days my mother was staying at my place, so she decided to help me too. The next day we started working on our little project. Since the finish was a dyed oak burgundy, I had a little difficulty in sanding the cabinets because the wood had absorbed the finish over time. After sanding the cabinets, I applied a suitable primer.