20+ Fancy Living Room Decor Ideas With Ginger Jar Lamps

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When you are remodeling your space and have an idea about including oriental table lamps in your setup, then you are faced with the decision as of what type of lamp to place in your room. Or maybe it is the other way around – you fell in love with, say, ginger jar lamp, or some other type of Asian lamp, and now want to design the entire room around it.

And why not? If you are intrigued with the mystique of the far east Asia, nothing brings it closer than a ginger jar table jar with its painted or printed images from the land, and with its cut-top in-bent lamp shade, resembling the shape of the roofs of the Chinese pagodas.

Just make sure that the room fits your Oriental table lamp. Are you considering purchasing table lamps for living room or bedroom? If latter, do you want a bedside table lamp? We’ll look into two types of ginger jar lamps here: Antique style and Modern style, and will provide suggestions on what type of room decor they might fit in best.

Antique style ginger jar lamps will likely come with complicated insignia, such as Chinese calligraphy, or the paintings of Chinese landscapes. While simple off-white silk oriental lamp shades will counter the complicated appearances of ginger jars themselves, it is still best if the antique style ginger jar lamp is placed on an isolated spot on the desk or shelf, with a plain white or light blue background. This will allow the precious lamp to stand out perfectly in its glamor.