30+ Best Outdoor Rattan Chair Ideas

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If you are in the mood of furnishing your outdoors with great furniture pieces, then you need to be careful while choosing the items. You need to know that the furniture used for outdoor purpose will be exposed to the roughness and extremes of the nature. Therefore, those made from durable materials need to be looked upon for the purposes. However, only durability will not help in making them appropriate to use as an outdoor one..

It is to be kept in mind that only outer shine and appearance don’t help in making an item inevitable. It is the inner qualities that matters the most. Therefore, choosing the right type of outdoor stuff is important, and will need some homework before you throw money to buy some.

One of the best materials used for outdoor furniture is rattan. So, what exactly we say to describe “rattan”?

Rattan is the name given to specific species of palms and grows mainly in the regions falling under the continents of Africa, Asia and Australasia. Rattan is similar in looks like that of bamboo but differs in the structure of the fiber. While bamboo has hollow surface in the middle, rattan provides for solid middle surface. Rattan fiber is the oldest usable one that is still required for creating and building furniture items. Although bamboo has similar looks like that of rattan, but both the items are different. Moreover, the rattan ones are more solid in feature.

Those made from rattan fiber created by braiding the fibers together and forming separate pieces of the furniture body. These pieces are then attached together to form the entire item.

The most common rattan used for outdoor purpose is the rattan chairs. These items are extremely durably and last for a long period. Moreover, they are easy on pocket as they are much less expensive than those made from solid wood or metals like iron and steel. The looks and designs are also quite fascinating ones.