20+ Newest Guest Bathroom Decor Ideas

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Your guest bathroom makes a lasting impression on anyone who stays in or visits your home. A clean, tidy space can feel inviting, but since you do not regularly use this room, you might be unsure about the best way to decorate it. Here are some decorating ideas for this important, but often overlooked, room.

One place to look for inspiration is a fancy hotel. If you have ever stayed in one, chances are the bathing facilities had more than just a toilet, shower, and towels. They probably had some pit of décor, whether it is a wall hanging or fancy countertops. If you have seen a design you like, why not recreate it in your own home?

As you decorate, make sure that everything you add to the room is able to withstand dampness. Electronics are usually not a good idea, because steam from the shower can damage them. Similarly, lamps that need to be plugged in do not work here. Instead, opt for candles and other décor that can handle a damp environment.

White is a common color to use when decorating a guest bathroom. When done well and accented with other pleasing materials, it can be a very good idea. However, too much white can look stark — like a laboratory. Try to balance the white with other colors if you choose this route.

If you can afford it, both in your space and in your budget, splurge for a Jacuzzi bathtub. Nothing shows your guests that you appreciate them quite like a little luxury, and luxury is exactly what a Jacuzzi bathtub embraces.