20+ Unique Old Furniture Repurposing Ideas For Yard And Garden

One of my favorite pieces of repurposed furniture is a home entertainment center that has been broken. You can give it new life by inventing a child’s kitchen. The entertainment center doesn’t have to be in great shape you should be able to put reinforcements wherever needed. When adding paint I think white would look best and add the stencil to make a design that is inventive that your child would love.

Use doors to look like a refrigerator or cabinets, also use a door to be the microwave. Add burners on a stove with any method necessary. I’m sure you can find some old pots, pans, dishes, and silverware. Your food may disappear into their cabinets. You could place a chalkboard on the side of the stove for them to put things they need or want.

I have found that there are so many purposes for old drawers. If you don’t have any try yard sales or where people throw out dressers. This is a clear example of another man’s trash is another’s treasure. Hang drawers fronts on the wall, staging in different angles. Mix and match drawer knobs to be used as coat hangers, etc. A brilliant idea to hide your belongings is to put wheels on the bottom of the drawers to roll under your bed or even another dresser. You can even get your kids to pick up their toys now that they can roll out the drawer and roll it around the room picking up the toys, then store it under their bed.

Take a big drawer and make a bed for your dog. Outside you can use a drawer, a large one preferably to plant seeds. Before long you will see the fruits of your labor with beautiful flowers. I would take old legs from a chair to connect to the drawer so it is higher so you will be able to reach it easier. I’d paint the whole project with my favorite color or colors. Smaller drawers would be great for putting old pictures in. Stain them and place the picture inside, then hang it on your wall. I’ve seen jewelry holders made out of them. Paint it and then place screwed hooks inside to put earrings on. Then stand it up long ways for necklaces. Take a long drawer and stand it up to make a bookshelf table. If it isn’t flat on the top put a smooth surface on top so you will have your side table.


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