20+ Best Ideas To Update Your Floor Design

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For floor design that is unique, and beautiful to look at, it’s hard to look past decorative concrete coatings. These types of flooring offer the appeal of natural stone, but are far more practical and economical. No matter what your design plans are, or what look you are wanting to create, there is a custom designer floor out there that will suit your requirements.

Designer floors are an incredibly popular choice of flooring at the moment. You’ll spot them in cafes and restaurants, as well as in fashionable clothing boutiques and retail stores. Designer floors are also becoming a favourite in homes.

There is much variation in the finished floor, giving it a warm and textured look. The gloss finish reflects light, making rooms feel big, open, and airy. The natural colour of the concrete can be left for an appealing natural tone, or stains can also be applied for a range of different looks. Designer floors are a decorative concrete coating. The original slab is ground down, and a new layer of concrete is poured on top. In most cases, the floors are then coated with a protective resin.

A stained concrete overlay is another good choice of designer flooring. Stained concrete can be installed in both interior and exterior spaces. There is a wide range of colours to choose from. The finished floors have a translucent high gloss coating which gives them a resemblance to natural stone. Stained concrete overlays are popular in retails shops such as boutiques, hairdressers, and cafes. A stained concrete overlay is an ideal way to bring a bit of style to your outdoor entertaining area.

Pandomo floors are an ideal option for larger spaces, where there is a need to avoid grouting or spacing. This thin cement overlay is laid 5mm thick. When installed, the cement is free flowing, which creates a graining and texture when set. The result is a character filled floor with a glossy finish. Different shades and other effects are possible, a range of earthy tones such as charcoal, grey, and brown are all available.