20+ Luxury Rv Living Design Ideas For This Year

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French country Living is comfortable, well-made, and beautiful. It can be equated with that perfect pair of jeans that have served you well over the course of time. They feel good, go great with anything you want to wear, and are well-made which is why they have lasted so long. Just like your favorite jeans, this style of decor is known for its elegant craftsmanship, minimal maintenance, and style that can blend beautifully with other elements that reflect your personal tastes.

This style of design began in the 18th and 19th century in French provinces where lifestyles were slower in pace, crafts were of the best quality, and the landscape set the tone for outdoor and indoor living. Many of the hues found in this style are natural yet vibrant.

Cobalt blue and sunflower yellow are complemented with shades of evergreen with Terra Cotta accents. Additionally, the farmyard look can be added throughout the living areas to bring that country feel to every room in the home.

Furnishings are designed to be used, not just seen. Gentle curves as well as floral and folklore motifs provide the basis of this design style. This ensures that furniture is warm and welcoming with wood in colors and textures that invite a touch. One of the infamous pieces of French Country is the armoire. Although originally used becomes homes were built without closets, today they easily fit into almost any room in the home and can house televisions, linens, or food stuffs when space is limited in the kitchen.