20+ Latest Diy Bookshelf Design Ideas For Room

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Would you like to know some more about the leaning ladder bookshelf? If so, in this article we are going to take a look at what happened before they were invented and a bit about books and bookcases in general. We will then find out when and where they were first used and then move on to some special types of bookcase and on to where we see the future taking us.

Some form of system of writing things down has been happening for perhaps as long as 10,000 years. Of course they were not books as we know them then, they were just engraved on anything at all such as the bark of trees, tablets of stone or simply clay.

It was not until around 3500 BC that the Egyptians started using paper or papyrus as it was known then.

Books in a form similar to today were first scribed by hand on parchment paper and then bound together. They were written in small amounts and normally related to religion in some way or other. Thus they were kept by the clergy and stored in cupboards or on shelves, usually made of a hard wood such as oak. They were maybe even just like type of ladder bookshelves that we see nowadays.