20+ Newest Backyard Fire Pit Design Ideas That Looks Great

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Backyard fire pits impart a fairy tale charm to any home. If space constrains does not allow you the luxury of an outdoor pit, you can opt for the handy option of chimenea pits. These portable pit designs are well suited for all types of landscapes including desert, woods or the beach. If you want to roast chicken, you can also incorporate a rotisserie bar and an ash pan. These pits work on both charcoal and wood.

However there are some Patio fire pits that use natural gas. These pits would always be permanent, built-in fire pits that are connected to your home’s natural gas lines. If propane gas is being used, a semi-portable tank can be integrated into the structure.

chimenea fire are available in various shapes and designs. Just like indoor fireplaces, a gas fire pit forms flames above concrete or ceramic logs and are ideal for those cities where wood fire ban is in place.

While setting up backyard pits, make sure that you have enough space to move around. It should be far away from fences and garden plants and should have enough space to sit around without the risk of getting too close to the flames. The pit should be set up in such a way that the wind will not blow smoke all over. It is better to use only seasoned firewood as it ensures complete combustion with no smoke.