30+ Dreamy Bamboo Fence Ideas For Small Houses To Try

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Although a fence can be used to keep animals in or out, or for aesthetic reasons, one of the main reasons homeowners put up a fence is to provide privacy. A properly installed fence can help to keep external sounds and sights out, as well as preventing neighbors from invading your privacy and looking into your yard or deck. Many homeowners also choose to install a privacy fence if they have a pool, deck, patio or yard that is overlooked by their neighbor’s house.

Privacy fences are often also installed by homeowners or business owners as a way to block out unsightly elements such as garbage cans, air conditioning units and dumpsters. Even in a small or cramped space, a privacy fence properly situated can make a huge difference to an environment, although you will also want to make sure that your privacy fence provides easy access when needed. If you belong to a homeowner’s association, check with them first as to any restrictions they may have.

Privacy fences are constructed from different materials, although the most common material is wood. Apart from providing privacy, a wooden fence is more secure and easy to install. Wood is also considered to be the most attractive of all fencing materials – if left untreated it has a natural and rustic look and tends to blend in more naturally with trees, shrubs and grass. Of course, a wood fence can also be painted; it is also fairly easy to cut or shape wood to give it a particular look.

Bamboo has become increasingly popular as a fencing material, not just for the amount of privacy it can provide, but for its appearance as well. Like wood, bamboo has a natural appearance to it and can be planted in such a way as to form an almost opaque screen. It’s also possible to combine fencing and shrubbery in such a way that they form a natural and effective screen. Most flowers and bushes not only look good against a bamboo or wooden fence, but also provide additional screening.