30+ Comfy Porch Design Ideas To Try

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Do not forget your front porch! Your porch has existing space and with the right front porch ideas you can transform it easily into an outdoor living area.

We talked with an expert on front porch designs and she offered the following advice for planning your porch living space.

Consider how you will use your porch. Will it be used mainly for relaxing or entertaining. Your answer will determine what kind of outdoor furniture you will need and where it will be placed. It will also determine what amenities you may want. If entertaining, you may need extra storage space for dining utensils, cups, and other items you will want to keep handy. You may also need additional lighting like outdoor table lamps or even exterior chandeliers.

Determine how many people can fit comfortably on your porch. You may exceed that number at times but plan for average number of people you’ll be entertaining or just having over for quiet conversations.