30+ Astonishing Home Gym Room Design Ideas For Your Family

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Getting into shape doesn’t mean you have to go to a gym weekly and work out. You can actually get plenty of exercise at home, by allocating a room or other part of your house as an exercise area, and either building or purchasing appropriate equipment for your exercise. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when designing your home gym.

Room Placement – wherever the space is that you’re allocating as an exercise room, keep in mind that the placement is very important when you design your home gym. Pick a part of the house where you can generally create a ruckus without bothering anyone, for one thing. For another thing, pick spot near a bathroom, as you will most likely want to hit the shower to cool off after a workout. Lastly, make sure that the room has plenty of ventilation, you’ll need the fresh air.

Floor Space and Ceiling Clearance – before going out to buy or build any equipment when designing your home gym, know the dimensions of the room. This doesn’t simply mean the floor area; also consider how high the ceiling is, to make sure that you don’t buy anything that won’t fit. Also consider the shape of the room, if it is square, rectangular, built long and narrow, etc. as you can pick equipment that will let you maximize the space you’ve got to work with.

Purpose of the Exercise – you should know what you’re trying to achieve with your exercise when you design your home gym. For example, are you going to be doing mostly cardiovascular workouts that will require mats and/or treadmills? Or maybe you’re just out to lose weight. Or if you’re serious about building muscle mass, consider free weights and home gym machines. Knowing what you’re really after will let you concentrate on what equipment to buy first; you can expand into other types of exercise later.