Low Light Bathroom Indoor Plants

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Low light plants for the bathroom 1. English ivy hedera helix.

The 10 Best Houseplants For Your Bathroom According To Plant

Even plants that do well in outdoor shade tend to need more light when grown indoors and this can be hard to come by unless you provide auxiliary lighting.

Low light bathroom indoor plants. Up to 12 inches tall. During the winter mist the plants frequently to help prevent the leaf tips from turning brown. This beautiful vine does great in low light situations.

The typical high humidity and warmth of your bathroom is exactly what most tropical plants are missing in their lives. Low light bathrooms with small or frosted windows pose no problems for many of these houseplants. Fluorescent bulbs provide plenty of light in wavelengths that plants can use.

Best house plants our top picks for low light clean air bathrooms and easy care our line up includes an unkillable house plant that will survive even next to a radiator amy cutmore february 22 2019 8 29 pm. Low light or indirect light. Most bathrooms usually have less light than standard rooms some bathrooms may even be windowless.

When the soil is dry to the touch. We re making london greener and we want you to join us. Here are suggestions for plants that will do in average bathroom conditions.

When you choose your english ivy make sure to choose one with solid green leaves rather than white or yellow variegation. Do not give up if that is the case with your bathroom. In fact much of nature s flora thrives in the low light humid environment of the bathroom.

The green varieties do a lot better with low light conditions. Available in dark green and variegated forms spider plant chlorophytum comosum makes a great tabletop or basket plant in low light conditions. However if you have pets be wary of the plants you choose to decorate your space as some houseplants can be toxic to dogs and cats.

Low light conditions are always a challenge for the indoor gardener. There are some house plant species that positively thrive on little or no light. But all is not lost.

View our full range of indoor outdoor plants pots accessories care guides. There s a trick to keeping houseplants thriving in drier climates. The best shower plants for your bathroom are houseplants that thrive in low light and very humid conditions.

These three factors low light high humidity and temperature swings need to be considered when choosing plants for a bathroom. Plus having a little greenery will certainly help spice up your decor as well as help purify the air. So if your houseplants are struggling gather them up and display them near your tub or sink but keep in mind that not all species can tolerate the lower light levels many windowless.

And the high humidity in an average bathroom makes it the perfect environment for many tropical. Many indoor plants grow well in bathrooms where they can improve aesthetics and create a natural almost tropical environment.

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