How to Know If Tempered Glass is Real or Fake

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Manufactured with extreme heating and slow cooling procedures, tempered glass is made stronger enough. This sort of glass never disappoints you, and takes care of the interior space where you install it. Tempered glass has a bundle of uses. You can either install it as a shower door, for interior or exterior projects, automobiles, or even devices. So, you have to be sure about its quality and don’t let anyone fool you by delivering a fake product. Yes, you might get deceived by shops, so make sure to check these features when you buy tempered glass. Let’s move towards the guide!

Things to consider while checking the originality of tempered glass

Here are the tricks you should adopt while buying tempered glass to check whether it’s fake or real. Save your money by purchasing a real and good quality glass, it will be worth it. 

  • Look into its edges
How to Know If Tempered Glass is Real or Fake

Well, do you know tempered glass has really smooth edges? That’s the foremost quality of this toughened glass. Wherever you go shopping and intend to buy strong glass, you must check its edges thoroughly. If they are smooth enough even in the pointing shape, then that glass is more likely to be tempered. You can get your hands on it without any hesitation. Otherwise, normal or fake glass has rough or rigid edges. 

  • Keep an eye on the label

Don’t just look into only one feature. If you are spending a good amount, make sure it will be worth it. Examine it and find out the label or a bug. The bug here doesn’t mean an insect. The bug means the little label crafted or sandblasted at any corner of the glass. If you find that label and found it out of original toughened glass, then feel free to make a deal with shopkeepers. 

  • Watch out for the imperfections

You might not be aware of this trick. Well, you can examine the imperfections of the glass which is not common for the untrained eye. Try to watch out for the imperfections with a naked eye, if you feel like any lines or irregular spots then the glass is highly tempered. These marks could be due to the procedure when the glass is passed through machinery with extreme pressure. 

  • Try examining through polarized lenses

Polarized lenses will make the vision way clearer. So, try using polarized lenses or glasses to check the glass against direct sunlight. When you see the sun through the toughened glass, you will see some spots or irregular lines within the glass. Such spots may be due to machine rollers during the heating procedure. You need to keep an eye on these features or traits that make sure you buying an original and top-quality toughened glass. 

  • Do a scratch test!

It looks weird to scratch the glass by ourselves. However, this is just a test to check whether the glass is tempered or not. So, make sure to do a scratch test, if possible. If the glass breaks down due to scratches or simply gets scratches easily, then the glass isn’t tempered at all. As the tempered glass is made scratch-free to enhance the protection of any space, building, or thing. Do it with light hands, do not apply pressure during this test. 

  • Drop a water drop

The strong glass has an oily surface by nature. So, this test would be sufficient to check whether the glass is fake or not. Toughened glass is made waterproof while manufacturing. So, if the test fails then leave the glass and do not buy it without any second thought. 

  • Score a line, only if you need to cut it down

If you need to cut down the glass, check it out thoroughly. Like we sometimes need a customized glass with our own measurements, so the shopkeepers have to cut it down. If you have to cut down the annealed glass, then you can easily do it at home. Otherwise, to cut down the tempered glass, make sure to take it to any professional, as the tempered glass is hard to cut. 

Well, this could be useful in a way that you can easily examine the difference between two sorts of glass. Annealed glass can be easily cut down by a normal window cutter; however, tempered glass would leave a bumpy or irregular cutting. From this trick, you can easily detect the glass type as toughened glass can never be cut down in a proper exact straight line. 

What does 6H or 9H mean?

Well, this is the hardness of a toughened glass. If you guys have to use the glass for commercial purposes, then try buying a glass with maximum hardness. You can easily figure out by how much harder the particular glass is. 6H is way less hard than 9H and so on. 

For the home interior, tempered glass with little hardness would be enough. So make sure to check out the hardness before you buy a pane of glass. 

How can tempered glass be beneficial?

Tempered glass is harder and stronger enough to protect from any harm. Usually, the normal glass is easy to break down even with a single hit, but the toughened glass is hard to break. Even if it breaks down, it will shatter into tiny, bite-size round pieces that are not harmful. 


Must check the originality of tempered glass, as somewhere you might get deceived. Here, above are some of the tips which are really beneficial to detect the real or fake toughened glass.