Ideas to design a princess room on a budget

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Princess rooms are the theatre of elegance, luxury, and class. Yet there are ways to exude that level of extravagance without overspending your budget. Let us discuss how you can turn your bedroom into that of a princess with a few modifications to suit the modern lifestyle.

Ideas to design a princess room on a budget

The Color Scheme

Obviously, the first and foremost aspect of every princess’s bedroom is the color scheme. And while we cannot vouch for the individual tastes of every princess throughout history, colors like pink and red do constitute the archetype. So, try to work with pinkish colors or anything around that part of the spectrum.

Vanity Table with Large Mirror

Every princess needs a vanity table to assess and modify her appearance before she attends a ball or a party. However, one interesting twist to our rendition of a princess room involves a vanity table with a large mirror installed in it. Contrary to popular belief, large mirrors are available quite affordably since they can now be created using artful distressing. Moreover, with artificially produced mirrors, you can select the type of distress pattern you want instead of rolling the dice with natural distressing. Vanity tables with large mirrors will add that extra slice of depth and character into your room making it genuinely feel like the chambers of a princess from the medieval era.

Princess Wall Art

Do you know what most princess room designs miss out on? Princesses! Decorate an empty wall with a full-sized landscape mural of your favorite princesses. This feature gives your room a defining royal feeling so it can never be mistaken for just an extra girly room. The presence of characters like Cinderella, Elsa, Moanna, and Merida may even inspire you or your children as each of these princesses has an empowering tale to tell.

Turn your bedroom ceiling into a starry night sky

There are numerous ways to achieve this. You can manually paste glow in the dark stars along with the moon on your bedroom ceiling (they are available at any stationery store or baby gift shop), or you can buy projectors which project a visually stunning night sky onto your ceiling with shooting stars and everything. These projectors are often fitted onto night lamps and make for an incredibly soothing and magical atmosphere as the gentle shifting of the stars is truly an experience to behold. They have been trending in a lot of online retail stores recently, and if you hurry, you may find a good deal on them. You can even paste celestial objects like Jupiter or Saturn (there is nothing wrong with an imaginary ceiling-let your mind run wild!) so that you can turn to the stars and beyond whenever you feel lost. Every princess needs to wish upon a shooting star once in a while.

Heavy curtains

Although it is difficult to find a good curtain within a constraining budget, this part is essential to complete your room. Lavish curtains signal class and are an indicator of housing someone precious inside. In fact, good tailors were only allowed to serve members of nobility during medieval times. It only makes sense for a princess to peer through curtains worthy enough of an otherwise elegant room.

Canopy bed frames

Most medieval rooms have an elaborate bed frame that rises up to the ceiling and meets at the top. Sort of like a luxurious cubicle with extensive detailing. This may sound pricey but the woodwork involved with building this arching frame is cheap and easy. After you finish the frame, paint it white or royal peach. You can also create a Basilica style frame with curving lines going to the top but that is significantly more complicated. Hang a few meters of fabric resembling silk along the top of the frame and you have a bed fit for a princess!

LED String Lights

Last but not least, string lights are a great way of illuminating your room since any single big light source compromises on the medieval aesthetic we have worked on until now. Hang these string lights around your canopy bed, or your vanity table. These lights are the perfect contemporary compliment to the royal environment of your princess room and fit in perfectly with almost any type of room.

Final Thoughts

Most of the options discussed above should not cost you as much as the value, which they provide for it, is only in collaboration with one another that their beauty gets to shine. Additionally, all of the ideas above work in harmony with one another as long as they are positioned correctly; so, do not hesitate in terms of compatibility and let that inner creativity flow. There is a princess inside every girl and every woman. She just needs an adequate atmosphere before she reveals herself.