How to Place an Order for Custom Shower Door

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Shower enclosures provide an aesthetic and beautiful look to the bathroom and make it look lavish. If said that the shower glass enclosure is the jewel of the bathroom, then it won’t be wrong. Such enclosures can make a smaller bathroom look bigger and brighter. It increases the flow of natural light and brings the ambiance that you demand.

The glass shower doors furnish your space with an elegant look and increase the value of your property. People constructing their new homes or initiating bathroom remodeling projects tend to opt for the shower door rather than other alternatives.

Installing a glass door not only beautifies your space but also stops the shower water from splashing out of the shower area and avoids mess for you to clean. However, you need to read this article till the end if you want to have a durable shower door in your space. Before ordering a shower enclosure, follow the guide below that enlightens the ordering process and things to consider while shopping for a shower enclosure.

· Be clear about the budget

How to Place an Order for Custom Shower Door

Let it be clear here that this is not a fun part. It is a matter of your hard-earned money, so plan your budget wisely before taking any decision. There is nothing to worry about as several online and market-based professionals can give you estimations according to your requirements.

When you fix your budget, there are very few chances of getting out or short of budget. So, set the budget, keeping in view the limit of your wallet.

· Measure accurately

After fixing your budget, the second most important and not negligible thing is the measurement of the shower door area. You need to take careful measures of all the sides of your shower area. Be sure to have precise width and height measurements before ordering the single swing shower door.

Measure the space from top to bottom vertically from two places to check whether the dimensions are consistent or not. If you measure the wrong dimensions and order the shower glass, you will have to face the consequences.

· Type of shower enclosure

Glass shower doors are available in different styles and shapes that you can incorporate into your bathroom according to your taste and requirement. The most common types of shower doors are framed, sliding, and frameless shower doors. You can also order a custom shower doors of a particular design that you want to install in your restroom. 

Some other types of shower doors are:

  1. Single swing shower door
  2. Hinged shower door
  3. Fixed shower screen
  4. Folding shower door
  5. Bi-fold shower door
  6. Neo angle door
  7. Curved shower door
  8. Semi-frameless shower door

· Type of glass for shower door

Just like the type of shower door, there is a long list of glass types that you can choose for your shower door. Your choice of glass will have a substantial impact on the appearance of your restroom. You need to decide whether you want a crystal clear shower glass or need some privacy in the enclosure. The texture and tinting are another option for your shower door to change its appearance.  Here are some types of glass shower doors that you can select from.

  1. Clear glass enclosure
  2. Textured shower doors
  3. Tinted shower doors
  4. Rain glass shower door
  5. Tempered glass enclosure
  6. Laminated glass shower door
  7. Low-iron shower glass
  8. Frosted or patterned glass door

· Thickness of glass

The thickness of every type of shower glass is different, and the weight of shower glass is also affected by its thickness. The glass thickness is measured in millimeters. Thicker glass is heavier and tends to be more durable than a thinner one. Moreover, thickness also affects the cost. Typically, there are two standard thickness options: ⅜” and ½”. Ideally, ⅜” thickness is mostly used, as it gives the necessary stability and is less expensive than the ½”.

Keeping aesthetics in view, thicker glass gives an impressive and enchanting look that impresses other people.

Accessories and hardware

Hardware accessories play a significant role in making the shower enclosure aesthetically beautiful. There are endless designs and finishes of hardware accessories for the shower enclosure. 

The five significant hardware accessories that you should consider installing are: 

  1. Handles
  2. Robe hooks
  3. Towel bars
  4. Hinges
  5. Headers

· Hire a professional to complete the installation

Once you are done with fixing the budget, measurements, type of frame and glass, and thickness, it’s time to order your custom shower door. After getting your glass enclosure, you should hire a professional. If you have prior experience, then you can DIY complete the installation too. If not, then it is better to go for a professional to have an error-free installation.


The shower glass enclosure is a trending way to impress your guests and make your space look precious and luxurious. It is a one-time investment that saves your huge cleaning time and makes your place brighter and roomy. Before ordering a shower door, please read this guide properly, as it includes all the essential things to consider before placing an order.

Consult your customer support and let him know the requirements of the shower glass door. He is the right person to inform you about the nature of the project and whether it requires a professional or can be completed as a DIY project.