How to Get Ready Your Bathroom for a Heavenly Hot Shower Experience

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Hot showers can lower your blood pressure, give relief from respiratory problems, open up the pores of your skin giving you healthy and clean skin and help you sleep by relaxing your muscles. Research conducted by one of the top universities says that sleep time, sleep efficiency and sleep quality can be improved by taking a hot shower. 

Many people leave their bathrooms undecorated or unfurnished, which is wrong. Your bathrooms are also of the same worth as the entire house. So, don’t forget to make your shower area amazing and cozy, so you can enjoy a hot shower with so much ease. So let’s carefully step in so that you do not slip! 

1. Prepping your bathroom for a wholesome experience:

The bathtub is many people’s wonderland. Just taking a shower takes all their worries and stress away. The splashing of water is like music to them. Are you not a part of this cult? Well, I guess you need to change your showering techniques and have an awesome bathroom for that. 

2. Use beautiful illumination:

How to Get Ready Your Bathroom for a Heavenly Hot Shower Experience

Using proper lighting can be a game-changer for you and make your next showering experience wholesome. Use cozy and warm lights, don’t go too intense and too bright with lighting. See what works best for you.

3. Use scented candles:

Light up a candle before taking a shower, you deserve this. Use a refreshing scent such as coffee, lavender, vanilla, and what you like. There is a huge variety to choose from. Make sure it is not too intense because the bathroom is closed and small, so make sure the scent is light, and not causing a migraine. 

4. Add in some greenery

Having some evergreen plants in the washroom gives a fresh and lovely vibe. Typically, washrooms are considered as rough and spaces with bad odor, but you can now create a fresh atmosphere by adding some plants. If you have a comparatively bigger shower area, then you can add a single plant inside the shower area and others in the rest of the bathrooms. Make sure to leave some room for natural light to fall in. 

5. Add a shower cubicle

Do you have a separate shower area? Well, having a hot shower is perfect and cozy when you have a shower cubicle, which is completely made under great care. These are ideal for hot or steam showers when you have to completely close the shower area but with a good ventilation system. Plus, shower doors or cubicles add to aesthetics and add more light. 

6. Soothing bright LED shower mirrors

Apart from fogless or shower shaving mirrors, you can go for LED mirrors in your bathroom. These kinds of lighted and illuminated mirrors are simply beautiful and classic. For modern bathrooms, like yours, these mirrors help a lot to create a unique, trendy yet functional bathroom interior. LED mirrors are great to use as shower mirrors because they will not only enlighten the space but also enable a clear image even when everything is blurred with the fog. 

1. Install a fogless shower mirror:

Yes, you heard right. You just don’t have to get a shower mirror, it should be a fogless shower mirror. When you are filling your bathtub with hot water or setting the temperature of your shower, the shower mirror instantly gets fogged. So you have to clean it, again and again, to brush your hair or shave. It causes a mess and frustration of course because you can’t see yourself.

Here is the solution: Remove that mirror right away, and adjust it somewhere else in your home or maybe do some DIY with it (you don’t have to throw it). And get yourself a fogless shower mirror or a shaving shower mirror.

So next time if you have to brush your hair or shave or maybe hold a concert in the washroom (we mean everyone does that), you have your shower shaving mirror to the rescue.

7. Install niches for easy access

Shower niches are now too trendy because they are way functional. You can simply install niches and have easy access to the shampoo and other bottles while taking shower. So, no worse days, no slips, and no injuries now. Installing a shower niche has become quite handy.  

In the End!

These are some of the tips to get your space ready for a refreshing shower experience. While you might already know some of these things, we are sure you will get to learn some new tips that will eventually improve your next showering experience making you feel happy and uplifting your mood. Do try these techniques!