Resin Bound Driveways: A new and efficient way to improve kerb value

Resin Bound Driveways: A new and efficient way to improve kerb value

Everyone wants to make their home look stunning and stand out, but there are only so many options you have with regard to the exterior of your home. Once you’ve installed and managed your landscaping and put in decorative walkways and lighting, you may be wondering, what else can I spruce up? Resin driveways offer a unique transformation from the typical macadam used for most driveways that provides a stunning complement to the facade of you home. If you’re looking to make your home pop, it’s time to look into resin bound driveways.

Advantages of resin driveways

Many don’t consider resign driveways when evaluating exterior home improvement projects and therefore overlook the many advantages of resin driveways:

  • Resin driveways are a permeable surface when installed over a proper water drainage system, preventing the unwanted intrusion or pooling of water that normally flows over an impermeable driveway
  • Resin driveways are easy to maintain and, because they are made of a naturally flexible material, they are more resistant to frost heave and cracking
  • With properly sized aggregate, resin driveways are slip resistant, similar to macadam, but also smooth, unlike gravel, cobblestone or driveways made of pavers that crack and heave
  • The most distinguishing trait of resin driveways is that the resin can be made to match whichever color or pattern you choose, allowing you an amazing amount of aesthetic freedom that you can’t find with other paving materials.
  • The resin itself is UV stable which means that your design won’t wear out over time and your driveway will have an exceptionally long lifestyle

Disadvantages of resin driveways

Although there are many advantages of resin driveways, it doesn’t mean that resin driveways aren’t without their disadvantages:

  • Depending on the condition of the driveway’s subsurface, including the drainage, whether you are putting the driveway over a pre-existing driveway or removing it entirely, and the subsurface stability, the installation can cost more if materials need to be removed or remedial construction needs to be used. Likewise, depending on the type of pigments and patterns you are trying to install a very intricate pattern
  • The driveways need to be cleaned fairly regularly and thoroughly to prevent the growth of plants and moss that can become embedded in the porous resin and which can become a trip or slip hazard
  • The main disadvantage of using resin is that it is less durable when it experiences heavy traffic. If the driveway is used heavily, especially if it is a large driveway that sustains frequent turning, the usage can lead to the uplifting or cracking of the resign material.

There are pros and cons to every material, but for those who are looking to make their driveway into a statement piece while also implementing an environmentally-friendly and functional material, resin driveways are the way to go. With so many design potentials and the opportunity to use a material that creates a healthier environment, it’s easy to see how installing a resin driveway can boost your home’s kerb appeal. If you’re looking to install a resin driveway and have been looking into driveways prices in Essex, we’d love to be able to help bring you a quality resin driveway.






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