How to clean bedroom walls?

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Bedroom is a private space where one seeks comfort and just be their spontaneous self and this is the reason why people seem to be particular when it comes to planning about their. The bedroom gaming room foremost thing that catches our attention when we enter a bedroom are the walls as it embodies the elegance and vibe. However, it is commonly noticed that with time the lustre of the walls starts to fade or to be specific gets engulfed by stains and dust which makes it look dirty and pale. If you want to restore those fresh and spotless  looking walls that they were, all you need to do is thorough cleansing. Although it is an arduous task but it is worth the effort. So, here are few tips and tricks that will brighten up your day and walls too.

Before you start you start to wash and clean your walls, it is necessary to adopt the right method as the cleaning techniques varies depending upon the texture and finish of the wall.

1.Arrange and make space

Make ample space for yourself by shifting the furnitures, wall paintings or any other item that blocks the surface. This step will ensure that every inch of the wall gets proper attention. Also, don’t neglect your expensive furnishings and flooring. Cover them with old clothes or newspaper sheets to keep any possible damages at bay.

2.Dust the walls

How to clean bedroom walls?

To begin with, dust the bedroom walls taking the help of either a broom, a vacuum or a microfiber dust cloth. Move the broom or vacuum vertically along the wall in a downward motion and to get rid of the cobwebs that settles around the corners, use a ladder. Whether your walls are painted or wallpapered, this step is mandatory for both.

3. Choosing the cleaning agent and washing the wall

To get squeaky clean bedroom walls, wiping out the dirt and grime is a must but before you get on with the process, examine your wall paint and then pick a   suitable cleanser for your wall paint.

For  satin, eggshell and matte finishes, prepare a solution of mild liquid soap and warm water and then work your way through with a soft sponge in a circular motion.

Start from top of the wall and then proceed downwards. You can  even take the help of a ladder or an elongated mop to reach to the corners. Work in smaller sections to get efficient results. Also, take another bucket of water and a clean sponge to clean the soapy residue. Repeat this process at least twice with a  thoroughly wringed out sponge to avoid any kind of patch or marks.

For wallpapers as well, you can wash them with a gentle multipurpose  cleanser. Dip a sponge in the cleanser and wipe the wall surface with utmost care so that the wallpaper doesn’t get too wet. Do not use any highly concentrated chemical agent as it can ruin the finish of the wallpaper.

4.Spot Cleaning

To target those stubborn bedroom wall stains, treat them with a solution of baking soda and water. Dip a clean sponge in the solution and then gently scrub the area. You can also give rubbing alcohol a try. Incase, if you are going for any abrasive solution, make sure to do a spot test in some hidden area of the surface.

Do not proceed if the colour wears off. After you are done with it, wipe the area clean with a damp sponge and let it dry properly.

5. Bonus Tips

  • While cleaning, work gently upon the walls with mild pressure.
  •  Use non-abrasive sponges, specially on walls with glossy or semi -glossy finish as they are more susceptible to scratches.
  • While rinsing the walls, do not use extremely damp sponge as it might lead to watermarks.
  • Also, dry the walls, whether they are painted or wallpapered, using a microfiber cloth to ensure soaking up of any excess moisture.
  •  Consider doing this cleaning session of the bedroom walls on a bright, sunny day to accelerate the process of drying.

So, these are some of the therapeutic cleaning solutions that you can adopt to make your bedroom walls look beautiful, well maintained and freshly painted.