9 Black And White Kitchen Decor Ideas

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Many different decorating themes have come and gone over the years. Of all the rooms in the house, the kitchen design is one of the most important, because this room must not only be beautiful, but also very functional. If you are a person who tends towards modern design choices, then you might like cool black and white kitchen decor ideas.

White kitchen cabinets were once associated with country kitchens, beach villa-style kitchens, and sometimes even French-inspired themes. But did you know that white kitchen cabinets can be the anchor that turns your modern kitchen into a magnificent work of art? In a modern kitchen, white kitchen cabinets can be the overall foundation of your overall design.

Here are some tips on how to create a modern kitchen design that will attract you and make it a favorite room in your home. If you start with white kitchen cabinets or choose one that will be your focal point, you can paint the walls a rich charcoal color; even black if you want to go that far. The contrast between black and white is always striking, but modern kitchens can also use dark brown, gray or even blood red on the walls if you want to stand out.

One thing to remember about color is that the white used in a modern white kitchen should be the whitest. Flaking paint is deceiving, so the best plan to attack is to go straight to the source and ask for real white at a paint shop. The color of ivory or eggshell will certainly spoil the look of your modern white kitchen.

If you prefer the white type on the walls and darker cabinetry, you might consider replacing your existing cabinets with ready made kitchen cabinets in a dark modern twist. Ready made kitchen cabinets come in a variety of colors and are easy to assemble and install yourself.

If you decide to install ready-made kitchen cabinets in your home, just make sure they are made of quality materials such as plywood and screws or bolts. Cabinets and drawers should not be glued.

Modern kitchens may include stainless steel appliances and minimalist furniture. Keep small appliances like your blender or toaster in the cupboard if possible, and keep the table tidy except for a few decorative touches here and there. If you have wall space you want to fill, consider creating your own black and white art or accent color canvas.

What you should avoid in your modern kitchen is too much color. Your black and white kitchen can look great with gray floors and stainless steel appliances, but adding bold, bright colors to other accessories will detract from the elegance of the design.

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9 Black And White Kitchen Decor Ideas
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