Tv Time: Living Room Layout Ideas With A Tv In The Corner

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Tv Time: Living Room Layout Ideas With A Tv…
Tv Time: Living Room Layout Ideas With A Tv…
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TV Time: Living Room Layout Ideas with a TV in the Corner

In today’s world, many of us spend a lot of time in our living rooms. From watching our favorite shows on the big screen to playing the latest video games, having a TV in our living room has become a staple in most homes. But when it comes to setting up a living room, where should you put the TV? One of the most popular options is to place the TV in the corner.

Having a TV in the corner of the living room is an ideal way to make the most of your space. It’s also great for when you have multiple people in the room, as everyone can see the TV from different angles. It’s also a great option if you don’t want the TV to be the main focus of the room.

Layout Ideas for a Living Room with a Corner TV

Whether you’re looking to spruce up your living room or just want to rearrange the furniture, here are some layout ideas to get you started.

1. Place the Sofa in Front of the TV

One of the most popular layout ideas for a living room with a corner TV is to place the sofa directly in front of it. This way, everyone in the room will have a great view of the TV. You can also add an ottoman or coffee table in front of the sofa to create a comfortable spot for snacks and drinks.

2. Create a Conversation Area

If you’re looking to create an intimate space for conversations, consider setting up a conversation area near the corner TV. Place two chairs across from each other and add a small side table in between them. This will create an intimate spot to chat and watch TV at the same time.

3. Add a Reading Nook

If you’re looking for a cozy spot to curl up with a good book, consider creating a reading nook near the corner TV. Place a comfortable armchair in the corner and add a small side table for your book and other items. For extra comfort, add a throw blanket and a few pillows.

4. Add Some Storage

If you’re looking for a way to maximize your space, consider adding some storage near the corner TV. You can place a bookshelf or a storage ottoman to store books, DVDs, and other items. This way, you won’t have to worry about where to store your items when they’re not in use.

Tips for Setting Up a Living Room with a Corner TV

Now that you have some layout ideas to get you started, here are a few tips to help you create the perfect living room setup with a corner TV.

1. Choose the Right TV Size

When choosing a TV for your living room, make sure to pick one that’s the right size for the room. A smaller TV might look out of place in a larger living room, while a larger TV might overwhelm a smaller space. You should also consider the viewing distance when choosing a TV size.

2. Position the TV at the Right Height

Make sure to position the TV at the right height for comfortable viewing. The optimal viewing height is around eye level, which is typically around 42-48 inches from the floor. If you’re mounting the TV to the wall, make sure to use a wall mount that’s designed for the size and weight of your TV.

3. Add a Sound System

If you want to get the most out of your TV, consider adding a sound system. There are a variety of sound systems available, from soundbars to full surround sound systems. This will help to create an immersive viewing experience and make your living room feel like a home theater.


Having a TV in the corner of your living room can be a great way to maximize your space and create a comfortable viewing experience. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy conversation area or a cozy reading nook, there are plenty of layout ideas to get you started. Just make sure to pick the right TV size, position it at the right height, and add a sound system for an immersive viewing experience.