Inviting Farmhouse Front Door Ideas In 2023

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Farmhouse Front Door Ideas aickythinking

Inviting Farmhouse Front Door Ideas in 2023

The Farmhouse Front Door Trend

As we enter 2023, the farmhouse front door trend continues to gain popularity among homeowners. The rustic charm and inviting nature of farmhouse-style doors make them a perfect choice for those looking to add a touch of warmth and character to their homes. Whether you have a traditional farmhouse or a modern suburban house, there are plenty of farmhouse front door ideas that can transform the look of your home.

What makes a front door farmhouse-style?

A farmhouse-style front door typically features a combination of wood and glass. Natural materials like oak, mahogany, or pine are commonly used for the door, while glass panels add a decorative element and allow natural light to flow into the entryway. Traditional farmhouse doors often have a crossbuck design, with diagonal boards crossing each other to create an X shape. However, modern farmhouse doors may have a simpler design with clean lines and minimal embellishments.

Choosing the right color

When it comes to farmhouse front doors, neutral colors are the most popular choice. Soft whites, creams, and grays create a timeless and classic look that complements the natural beauty of the wood. However, if you want to add a pop of color, muted shades of blue, green, or red can also work well. Consider the overall color scheme of your home’s exterior when selecting a color for your front door.

Adding farmhouse-style hardware

The right hardware can enhance the farmhouse look of your front door. Opt for rustic finishes like aged bronze or black iron to complement the wood and create a vintage feel. Choose door handles, knobs, and hinges with intricate details and a weathered look to add character and charm to your entryway.

Decorating the front porch

Your farmhouse front door is just the beginning. To complete the look, consider decorating your front porch with farmhouse-inspired elements. Hang a wreath made of dried flowers or cotton on the door, place potted plants or galvanized buckets filled with flowers on the steps, and add a rustic welcome sign or a vintage bench. These simple touches can instantly transform your front porch into a cozy and inviting space.

Common concerns about farmhouse front doors

1. Are farmhouse front doors weather-resistant? Yes, farmhouse front doors are typically made of durable materials and are designed to withstand various weather conditions. However, regular maintenance is still necessary to ensure their longevity.

2. Can I install a farmhouse front door on any type of house? Yes, farmhouse front doors can be installed on any type of house. They can add character and charm to both traditional and modern homes.

3. How much does a farmhouse front door cost? The cost of a farmhouse front door can vary depending on the materials used, the size, and the complexity of the design. On average, you can expect to spend between $500 and $1500.


If you’re looking to give your home a welcoming and charming vibe, consider inviting farmhouse front door ideas. The combination of natural materials, neutral colors, and rustic hardware can instantly transform the look of your home’s exterior. Whether you have a traditional farmhouse or a modern suburban house, a farmhouse-style front door can add character and curb appeal. Embrace the farmhouse trend and create an inviting entryway that will make your guests feel right at home.