Ways To Add Stylish Seating Into Your Bathroom

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5 Ways To Add Stylish Seating Into Your Bathroom

Ways to Add Stylish Seating into Your Bathroom


When it comes to bathroom design, functionality and style go hand in hand. Adding seating to your bathroom not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also provides a practical solution for relaxation. In this article, we will explore various ways to incorporate stylish seating into your bathroom, creating a luxurious and comfortable space.

1. Vanity Stools and Chairs

One popular option for adding seating to your bathroom is by incorporating vanity stools or chairs. These small and stylish seating options can be placed near your bathroom vanity, providing a convenient spot for grooming or applying makeup. Opt for upholstered stools with a soft cushion for added comfort.

2. Bench or Ottoman

If you have ample space in your bathroom, consider adding a bench or ottoman. These versatile seating options can be placed near the bathtub or shower, allowing you to relax and unwind after a long day. Look for waterproof or moisture-resistant materials to ensure durability in a bathroom environment.

3. Built-in Window Seat

If your bathroom has a window, why not transform the space below it into a cozy seating area? A built-in window seat not only adds charm to your bathroom but also offers a peaceful spot to enjoy natural light and the view outside. Decorate it with cushions and pillows for extra comfort.

4. Shower Bench

For those who prefer a seated shower experience, a shower bench is an excellent addition. It provides a convenient place to sit while showering, shaving, or applying skincare products. Look for benches made from water-resistant materials such as teak or cedar, which can withstand moisture and humidity.

5. Wall-Mounted Folding Seat

If you have a smaller bathroom, a wall-mounted folding seat is a space-saving solution. These seats can be easily flipped up when not in use, creating more floor space. Install them near the shower or bathtub for added convenience and comfort.

6. Hammock Chair

For a unique and relaxing seating option, consider hanging a hammock chair in your bathroom. This unconventional choice adds a touch of whimsy and creates a cozy nook for reading or simply unwinding. Make sure to secure it properly to ensure safety.

7. Padded Storage Bench

If you’re looking for seating that doubles as storage, a padded storage bench is a perfect choice. These benches provide a comfortable seating area while also offering a place to store towels, bathrobes, and other bathroom essentials. Choose a design that complements your bathroom decor.

8. Stool or Side Table

A small stool or side table can serve as a versatile seating option in your bathroom. Use it as a spot to rest a book, a glass of wine, or a cup of tea while enjoying a relaxing bath. Look for compact designs that won’t take up too much space.

9. Lounge Chair

If you have a spacious bathroom, consider adding a lounge chair for the ultimate relaxation experience. This luxurious seating option allows you to unwind and enjoy a spa-like atmosphere in the comfort of your own home. Choose a design that complements your bathroom decor and provides optimal comfort.