The Real Reason A Lot Of Hgtv Shows Are Filmed In Canada

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Why Many HGTV Shows are Filmed in Canada


Have you ever wondered why so many HGTV shows are filmed in Canada? It seems like every time you tune into the channel, you see beautiful homes being renovated or sold in various cities across the country. Well, there is a real reason behind this trend, and we’re here to uncover it for you.

The Canadian Film and Television Industry

Canada has a thriving film and television industry, with many cities offering attractive tax incentives and production grants to attract both local and international productions. This has made the country a popular destination for filming, including for HGTV shows.

Tax Incentives

One of the main reasons why HGTV shows choose to film in Canada is the generous tax incentives offered by the Canadian government. These incentives can significantly reduce production costs, making it more affordable for production companies to film in the country.

Cost-Effective Production

Canada offers a cost-effective production environment for HGTV shows. The lower cost of labor, equipment rentals, and production services allows production companies to stretch their budgets and create high-quality shows without breaking the bank.

Diverse Locations

Canada is known for its diverse landscapes and architectural styles, making it an ideal location for HGTV shows. From modern cityscapes to charming small towns, Canada offers a wide range of locations that can cater to different show concepts and themes.

Access to Skilled Crews

Canada has a pool of talented and skilled crews who have extensive experience in the film and television industry. These professionals are well-equipped to handle the technical aspects of production, ensuring that HGTV shows are produced to the highest standards.

Exchange Rate Advantage

The favorable exchange rate between the US and Canada is another factor that attracts HGTV shows to film in the country. The US dollar can go a long way in Canada, allowing production companies to maximize their budgets and invest more in the quality of their shows.

International Appeal

Many HGTV shows have an international audience, and filming in Canada adds a unique and global appeal to these shows. Viewers from around the world get a glimpse into Canadian architecture, design trends, and real estate market, creating a broader appeal for the shows.


So, the next time you watch an HGTV show filmed in Canada, you’ll know the real reason behind it. The combination of tax incentives, cost-effective production, diverse locations, skilled crews, exchange rate advantage, and international appeal make Canada an attractive destination for HGTV shows. It’s a win-win situation for both the production companies and the viewers who get to enjoy these captivating shows.