The Untold Truth Of Bob's Discount Furniture

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The Untold Truth Of Bob's Discount Furniture


Bob’s Discount Furniture is a well-known furniture retailer that offers affordable and stylish home furnishings. With its wide range of products and attractive prices, many people flock to this store. However, there are some aspects of Bob’s Discount Furniture that you may not be aware of. In this article, we will uncover the untold truth behind this popular furniture store.

1. The History of Bob’s Discount Furniture

Bob’s Discount Furniture was founded by Bob Kaufman in 1991. Starting with just a single store in Connecticut, the company has grown rapidly over the years. Today, it operates over 150 stores across various states in the United States. Bob’s Discount Furniture is known for its commitment to providing quality furniture at affordable prices.

2. The Secret to Low Prices

Many people wonder how Bob’s Discount Furniture manages to offer such low prices. The secret lies in their business model. Unlike other retailers, Bob’s purchases furniture directly from manufacturers, cutting out the middleman. This allows them to save on costs and pass on the savings to their customers. Additionally, Bob’s focuses on efficiency and cost-cutting measures to keep their prices competitive.

3. Quality of the Furniture

While Bob’s Discount Furniture is known for its affordable prices, some customers have concerns about the quality of the furniture. It’s important to note that Bob’s offers a range of furniture options, including both budget-friendly and higher-end pieces. The more expensive items often come with higher quality materials and construction. It’s essential to carefully read product descriptions and reviews to ensure you’re getting the right piece for your needs.

4. Customer Service Experience

One aspect that sets Bob’s Discount Furniture apart is its commitment to customer service. They offer a satisfaction guarantee, allowing customers to return or exchange furniture within a certain period. Additionally, Bob’s has a dedicated customer service team that is available to assist with any inquiries or issues. However, like any retailer, there may be occasional negative experiences. It’s important to reach out to customer service for resolution if needed.

5. Delivery and Assembly

When purchasing furniture from Bob’s Discount Furniture, it’s crucial to consider the delivery and assembly process. While they offer delivery services, it may come at an additional cost. Additionally, some customers have reported issues with delivery delays or damaged furniture. It’s essential to be aware of these potential challenges and communicate any concerns with the store’s customer service team.

6. Financing Options

Bob’s Discount Furniture understands that not everyone can afford to pay for their furniture upfront. To make it more accessible, they offer financing options. Customers can apply for credit through Bob’s partnered financing providers. However, it’s important to read the terms and conditions carefully and understand the interest rates and repayment plans before committing to any financing options.

7. Sustainability Efforts

In recent years, there has been an increased focus on sustainability and eco-friendly practices. While Bob’s Discount Furniture hasn’t been as vocal about its sustainability efforts compared to some other retailers, they do take steps to minimize their environmental impact. This includes using sustainable materials when possible and implementing recycling programs. However, more transparency and information about their sustainability initiatives would be beneficial.

8. Expansion and Future Plans

Bob’s Discount Furniture shows no signs of slowing down its expansion. With the increasing demand for affordable furniture, the company plans to open more stores in new locations. They also continue to invest in their online presence, offering customers the option to shop online and have items delivered to their doorstep. Bob’s Discount Furniture aims to provide convenient and accessible furniture shopping for customers across the country.


Bob’s Discount Furniture has become a go-to destination for those seeking affordable and stylish furniture. While there are some concerns and areas for improvement, the company’s commitment to low prices and customer satisfaction is commendable. By being aware of the untold truths behind Bob’s Discount Furniture, you can make informed decisions and have a positive shopping experience.