Ideas For Decorating Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

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30 Ways to Decorate Above Kitchen Above


When it comes to kitchen decor, the area above the cabinets often gets overlooked. However, this space can provide an excellent opportunity to add style and personality to your kitchen. In this article, we will explore some creative ideas for decorating above your kitchen cabinets in 2023.

1. Utilize Greenery

One of the easiest and most effective ways to decorate above your kitchen cabinets is by incorporating greenery. Adding potted plants or hanging vines can bring a fresh and vibrant feel to the space. Consider using herbs like basil or mint for both functionality and aesthetics.

2. Display Artwork

Another great way to add visual interest is by hanging artwork above your kitchen cabinets. Choose pieces that complement your kitchen’s color scheme and style. Whether it’s a painting, a photograph, or a print, artwork can instantly elevate the look of your kitchen.

3. Showcase Collectibles

If you have a collection of unique or sentimental items, why not display them above your kitchen cabinets? Whether it’s vintage teacups, antique plates, or quirky figurines, showcasing your collectibles can add a personal touch to your kitchen decor.

4. Install Decorative Lighting

Lighting can make a significant impact on the overall ambiance of your kitchen. Consider installing decorative lighting fixtures above your cabinets to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Pendant lights, LED strips, or even fairy lights can add a touch of magic to your kitchen.

5. Use Baskets or Bins

If you’re looking for a practical and stylish solution, consider using baskets or bins to decorate above your kitchen cabinets. These can be used to store extra kitchen linens, cookbooks, or even fresh produce. Opt for baskets or bins that match your kitchen’s color palette for a cohesive look.

6. Incorporate Wine Racks

If you’re a wine enthusiast, why not turn the space above your kitchen cabinets into a mini wine bar? Install a wine rack or two to showcase your favorite bottles. This not only adds a touch of sophistication but also makes it convenient to grab a bottle while entertaining guests.

7. Add a Pop of Color

If your kitchen has a neutral color scheme, consider adding a pop of color above your cabinets to create visual interest. You can do this by painting the wall above the cabinets in a bold shade or by displaying colorful decorative items such as vases, jars, or plates.

8. Install Open Shelving

Open shelving is a popular trend in kitchen design, and it can work wonders above your cabinets. Install a few floating shelves and use them to display your favorite kitchenware or decorative items. This not only adds functionality but also creates a visually appealing focal point.

9. Keep it Simple

Last but not least, sometimes less is more. If you prefer a minimalist or clean look, keep the space above your kitchen cabinets simple. Stick to a few carefully selected items or leave the space empty for a streamlined and modern aesthetic.


Decorating above your kitchen cabinets doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With some creativity and these ideas, you can transform this often overlooked space into a stylish and personalized area that complements your kitchen decor. Whether you choose to incorporate greenery, display artwork, or keep it simple, the possibilities are endless. Have fun exploring different options and let your creativity shine!