The Best Products At The Container Store To Help You Organize Your Bathroom

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The Best Products at The Container Store to Help You Organize Your Bathroom


Are you tired of your bathroom being cluttered and disorganized? Do you struggle to find the items you need when you need them? Look no further than The Container Store! With their wide range of organization products, you can transform your bathroom into a tidy and functional space. In this article, we will explore the best products available at The Container Store to help you organize your bathroom effectively.

1. Over-the-Door Storage

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to create extra storage space in your bathroom is by utilizing over-the-door storage solutions. The Container Store offers a variety of over-the-door storage options, such as hanging organizers with pockets or hooks. These can be used to store toiletries, towels, or even cleaning supplies. They are easy to install and can maximize the use of otherwise wasted space.

2. Drawer Dividers

Are your bathroom drawers a jumbled mess? Drawer dividers from The Container Store can help you keep your items neatly organized and easily accessible. Whether you need dividers for your makeup, hair accessories, or grooming tools, there are various sizes and designs available to suit your needs. With drawer dividers, you can say goodbye to rummaging through cluttered drawers in search of what you need.

3. Stackable Bins

If you have limited counter or cabinet space, stackable bins are a great solution. These bins can be stacked vertically to make the most of your available space. You can use them to store items such as extra toilet paper, cleaning supplies, or even bath toys. The Container Store offers stackable bins in different sizes and materials, allowing you to customize your storage according to your bathroom’s specific needs.

4. Shower Caddies

Keep your shower essentials organized and within reach with a shower caddy. The Container Store offers a wide selection of shower caddies, including ones that hang over the showerhead or attach to the wall. Choose one with multiple compartments to store your shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other shower products. With a shower caddy, you can say goodbye to cluttered shower shelves and enjoy a more organized bathing experience.

5. Under Sink Storage

The area under your bathroom sink can quickly become a mess of cleaning supplies and miscellaneous items. Utilize this space efficiently with under sink storage solutions from The Container Store. They offer various options such as stackable drawers, adjustable shelves, and expandable organizers. With under sink storage, you can keep everything neatly organized and easily accessible.

6. Wall-Mounted Organizers

If you’re short on floor or counter space, consider utilizing your bathroom walls for storage. The Container Store offers a range of wall-mounted organizers, including shelves, hooks, and magnetic strips. These can be used to hang towels, store toiletries, or even display your favorite bathroom decor. Wall-mounted organizers not only create additional storage space but also add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

7. Vanity Trays

Keep your bathroom counter clutter-free with the help of vanity trays. These trays can be used to corral your everyday essentials such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, and skincare products. The Container Store offers vanity trays in various styles and sizes, allowing you to choose one that matches your bathroom decor. With a vanity tray, you can keep your necessities organized while adding a touch of elegance to your bathroom.

8. Labeling and Organization Accessories

To take your bathroom organization to the next level, consider incorporating labeling and other organization accessories. The Container Store offers a wide range of labels, bins, and drawer dividers to help you create a system that works for you. By labeling your containers and using accessories such as drawer organizers, you can easily find what you need and maintain a clutter-free bathroom.


Transforming your bathroom into an organized and functional space doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With the help of The Container Store’s wide selection of organization products, you can find the perfect solutions to meet your bathroom’s needs. From over-the-door storage to drawer dividers and vanity trays, there are products available for every aspect of your bathroom. Start decluttering and enjoy a more organized bathroom today!