What Is Counter Depth Refrigerator: Determining Dimensions

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When it comes to choosing a refrigerator for your kitchen, there are various factors to consider. One important aspect is determining the dimensions of the refrigerator, especially if you are looking for a counter depth refrigerator. In this article, we will explore what a counter depth refrigerator is and how to determine its dimensions.

What is a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

A counter depth refrigerator is designed to align with the depth of your kitchen counter, providing a sleek and integrated look. Unlike standard refrigerators that protrude into the kitchen space, counter depth refrigerators are shallower, allowing them to blend seamlessly with your cabinetry and countertops.

Why Choose a Counter Depth Refrigerator?

Counter depth refrigerators are a popular choice for those who prioritize aesthetics and a streamlined appearance in their kitchen. By eliminating the protrusion of a standard refrigerator, counter depth models create a cohesive and visually appealing look. They also offer a more spacious and open feel to your kitchen.

Determining the Dimensions

When determining the dimensions of a counter depth refrigerator, there are a few key measurements to consider:

1. Width

The width of a counter depth refrigerator is typically similar to that of a standard refrigerator, ranging from 35 to 36 inches. However, it’s essential to measure the available space in your kitchen to ensure a proper fit.

2. Height

Counter depth refrigerators come in various heights, similar to standard models. Measure the height of the space where the refrigerator will be installed to determine the appropriate height range for your needs.

3. Depth

The depth of a counter depth refrigerator is what sets it apart from standard models. While standard refrigerators can be around 30 to 34 inches deep, counter depth models are typically around 24 to 30 inches deep. This allows them to align with your kitchen counters for a sleek appearance.

4. Additional Considerations

When determining the dimensions of your counter depth refrigerator, don’t forget to consider the space required for door swings and handles. Be sure to measure the width, height, and depth including these additional elements to ensure a perfect fit.


Choosing a counter depth refrigerator can enhance the visual appeal of your kitchen by providing a seamless and integrated look. By considering the width, height, depth, and additional elements, you can determine the dimensions that will fit perfectly into your kitchen space. With these considerations in mind, you can make an informed decision and enjoy the benefits of a stylish and functional counter depth refrigerator.