Pool House Designs That Will Make You Long For Summer

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Pool House Designs That Will Make You Long for Summer


As the temperatures rise and the days get longer, we all start dreaming of lazy summer days spent by the pool. Having a pool house not only adds a touch of luxury to your backyard, but it also provides a convenient space for entertaining and relaxing. In this article, we will explore some stunning pool house designs that will make you long for summer.

1. Modern Minimalistic

For those who prefer a sleek and contemporary look, a modern minimalistic pool house design is perfect. Clean lines, large windows, and a white color palette create a sense of calm and tranquility. Incorporate minimalist furniture and simple landscaping to complete the look.

2. Mediterranean Oasis

If you want to transport yourself to a Mediterranean paradise, consider a pool house design inspired by the coastal villas of Greece or Italy. Use earthy tones, textured walls, and rustic furniture to create an authentic Mediterranean feel. Don’t forget to add lush plants and a pergola for shade.

3. Tropical Retreat

Bring the vacation vibes to your backyard with a tropical-themed pool house. Use vibrant colors, palm leaf prints, and bamboo accents to create a tropical oasis. Install a thatched roof, outdoor shower, and a tiki bar for the ultimate relaxation experience.

4. Rustic Charm

If you prefer a more rustic and cozy atmosphere, opt for a pool house design with wooden beams, stone walls, and a fireplace. Use warm earth tones and comfortable furniture to create a welcoming space. Add a hot tub or sauna for extra relaxation.

5. Contemporary Elegance

For a more sophisticated and elegant pool house design, go for a contemporary style. Incorporate luxurious materials such as marble, glass, and stainless steel. Install a stylish bar, a lounge area with plush seating, and a high-end sound system for the perfect entertainment space.

6. Eclectic Bohemian

If you love mixing different styles and embracing bold patterns, an eclectic bohemian pool house design is for you. Use vibrant colors, mismatched furniture, and plenty of plants to create a boho-chic atmosphere. Hang tapestries, lanterns, and dream catchers for a whimsical touch.

7. Family-Friendly

If you have children, a family-friendly pool house design is a must. Create a space that is safe and fun for the whole family. Install a mini kitchenette for snacks, a play area with toys and games, and a shaded lounge area for parents to relax while keeping an eye on the kids.

8. Zen Retreat

If you want your pool house to be a haven of peace and relaxation, opt for a zen-inspired design. Use natural materials, such as bamboo and stone, and create a serene atmosphere with soothing colors and minimalistic furniture. Add a meditation corner or a yoga deck for complete tranquility.

9. Pool House with Guest Suite

If you frequently host guests or have extended family visiting, consider a pool house design with a guest suite. Provide your guests with a comfortable and private space to stay, complete with a bedroom, bathroom, and a small living area. Add a mini kitchenette for added convenience.