Alison Victoria's Top Kitchen And Bathroom Design Ideas

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Alison Victoria's Amazing Kitchen Remodels from HGTV's 'Windy City Rehab' Windy City Rehab

Alison Victoria’s Top Kitchen and Bathroom Design Ideas


In 2023, Alison Victoria, renowned interior designer and host of HGTV’s “Windy City Rehab,” has shared her top kitchen and bathroom design ideas that are sure to inspire homeowners. With her expertise and eye for detail, Alison Victoria has created stunning spaces that blend functionality with style.

Kitchen Design Ideas

1. Open Concept Layout

An open concept kitchen layout creates a seamless flow between the kitchen and the rest of the living space. This design idea is perfect for entertaining as it allows the cook to interact with guests while preparing meals.

2. Statement Lighting

Add drama and personality to your kitchen with statement lighting fixtures. Whether it’s a chandelier over the kitchen island or pendant lights above the dining area, unique lighting choices can elevate the overall design of the space.

3. Mix and Match Materials

Combine different materials in your kitchen design to add visual interest. For example, pairing marble countertops with wooden cabinets creates a beautiful contrast. Don’t be afraid to mix textures and finishes for a unique and personalized look.

Bathroom Design Ideas

1. Spa-Inspired Retreat

Create a serene and relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom by incorporating spa-inspired elements. Install a freestanding bathtub, add a rainfall showerhead, and use soothing colors to achieve a calming ambiance.

2. Statement Tiles

Elevate your bathroom design with statement tiles. Whether it’s a bold pattern on the floor or a unique mosaic on the backsplash, tiles can become a focal point of the space and add a touch of luxury.

3. Ample Storage

Maximize storage in your bathroom by utilizing every inch of space. Install wall-mounted cabinets, add floating shelves, and incorporate built-in niches to keep your toiletries organized and easily accessible.


Alison Victoria’s top kitchen and bathroom design ideas for 2023 provide inspiration for homeowners looking to create stylish and functional spaces. From open concept layouts to statement lighting and spa-inspired retreats, these ideas can transform any kitchen or bathroom into a dream space. Don’t be afraid to mix and match materials or experiment with bold tiles to add personality to your design. With Alison Victoria’s expert tips, you can create a space that reflects your individual style.