Use This Ikea Hack To Add A Hidden Laundry Basket In Your Dresser

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Use This Ikea Hack To Add A Hidden Laundry…
Use This Ikea Hack To Add A Hidden Laundry…

Use This Ikea Hack to Add a Hidden Laundry Basket in Your Dresser


In this year 2023, we have an amazing Ikea hack that will revolutionize your laundry routine. Imagine having a hidden laundry basket right in your dresser, making it easier than ever to keep your bedroom tidy. This simple yet genius hack will not only save you space but also add a touch of functionality to your furniture. Let’s dive into the details and learn how to create this hidden laundry basket using Ikea products.

What You’ll Need

To create this hidden laundry basket, you’ll need the following Ikea products:

1. Hemnes 8-drawer dresser

The Hemnes 8-drawer dresser is the perfect base for this hack. Its spacious drawers provide ample room for storage, and its solid construction ensures durability.

2. Skubb laundry bag with stand

The Skubb laundry bag with stand is an essential component of this hack. It’s a lightweight and collapsible laundry bag that fits perfectly inside the Hemnes dresser.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Follow these simple steps to add a hidden laundry basket in your dresser:

1. Empty and disassemble the dresser

Start by emptying all the drawers and removing them from the dresser. This will give you a clean slate to work with.

2. Measure and mark the drawer

Take one of the drawers and measure the interior dimensions. Mark these measurements on the inside of the drawer bottom.

3. Cut out the drawer bottom

Using a jigsaw or a similar tool, carefully cut out the marked area on the drawer bottom. Be precise to ensure a snug fit for the laundry basket.

4. Attach the laundry bag stand

Assemble the Skubb laundry bag stand according to the instructions provided. Place it inside the drawer, ensuring it fits securely.

5. Insert the laundry bag

Attach the Skubb laundry bag to the stand and insert it into the drawer through the cut-out section. Make sure it sits flush with the top of the drawer.

6. Reassemble the dresser

Once the laundry basket is securely in place, reassemble the dresser by putting the drawers back in their respective slots.

Benefits of the Hidden Laundry Basket

Now that you have your hidden laundry basket, let’s explore the benefits it offers:

1. Space-saving

By using the empty space inside your dresser, you’re maximizing your storage options without taking up additional floor space.

2. Easy access

No more lugging heavy laundry baskets around! With the hidden laundry basket in your dresser, your dirty clothes are just an arm’s reach away.

3. Neat and organized

Gone are the days of unsightly laundry baskets in your bedroom. The hidden laundry basket keeps your space looking clean and organized.


Adding a hidden laundry basket in your dresser is a game-changer for your laundry routine. With this Ikea hack, you’ll save space, have easy access to your dirty clothes, and maintain a neat and organized bedroom. Follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy the benefits of this genius hack!