20+ Beautiful Plant Decors for Your House

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re you one of those who like to decorate your room with material like plant? Plant is indeed a good material because it is cheap and essential that can give a natural impression to the house, especially if you want to make your house feel different.

This time, we are sharing these six kinds of plant decor that are suitable to decorate your house in a creative way, either with hanging plants, or recycled plastic bottles as plant pots. These various creative ways of using plants as a decoration with non-expensive materials can make you feel more relaxed and you will enjoy staying at home..

Now, what are the types of plant decors and how to apply it?
1. Clay Pots
Choose any shape of clay pots as desired, and the pots with plants can be placed together in the house without making the room feel cramped and gloomy.

2. Rope
Use hemp rope or craft rope to hang your plants so that the house doesn’t feel overcrowded and the atmosphere becomes brighter. However, you need to keep in mind that a hanging pot cannot hold a heavy content or else it will fall easily.

3. Recycled Bottles
You can use either glass or plastic bottles, turn them into pots and nail them to a wooden plank. Attach it to the wall, and you have a beautiful and stylish decoration.

4. Iron Racks
Another good way to hang the plants that worth trying is to install iron racks, then hang some small pots of plants on the iron frame. This method is not only a lovely and creative addition to your decoration, but also can make the house look cozy like a coffee shop.

5. Wood Branch
In addition to hanging potted plants on metal racks, you can also use the branches of a tree, so that the atmosphere of the room can maintain its natural sense.
It is recommended that you use a hemp rope as a neck strap of the pots so that the look still appears to be organic.

6. Dried Flowers
How is it exactly to embellish dry flowers?
You can follow this simple decorating way as shown in this picture, start by choosing a variety of dried flowers in various colors and hang them together on a steel frame, this decoration idea will create the impression of warmth and stylish ambiance.