30+ Inspirational Decorations with LED Lights

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LED lights for home interior come in various forms: strips, panels, or tabular types. Any type you use will affect the character of the room and the lighting intensity provided by the LED lights. The color of LED lights are also vary, from white, yellow, to red, they can create different ambiance in your room.
Modern Impression in the Living room

Using LED lights as a decoration will bring up such modern impression to your living room. This area can be a place where you can gather with your family. LED strip is a unique applications to accentuate the modern impression. Determining lightings in terms of color is also important when choosing to use this type of LED lights.

Anti-Monotonous LED Lights on the Staircase
Stairs doesn’t always have to be the customary element in the house. The main role of the stairs as a connecting parts of two-storey house is also worth to be more nicely decorated. Besides covering each step with fabric, carpet, or other materials, you can decorate it with LED lights. Apply the LED lights on the part of the step or on the staircase railings. The light produced by the LED lights will bring a new experience to your house.
LED Lights on Your Headboard
To create an unusual impression, try installing LED lights on the headboard. If you prefer a minimalist decoration, a desk LED lights alone are enough to give a different impression to your bedroom, use a headlamp or a container that supports the light beam as desired. You can also apply LED down lights high on the headboard to provide different lighting.
Colors in the Garden
At night, the lighting from LED lights will give the sense of a more beautiful garden. To bring up a unique and colorful atmosphere, install some colorful tubular LED lights in your garden. Or you can do it as showed in the picture, install white or yellow LED on the upper or lower corners of your garden wall.

LED Spotlight: Narrow Living Room Will Look More Spacious
Steal your guests’ attention to your living room by installing LED lights that support the appearance of your home interiors, especially if your living room is not spacious but you still want to show some characters. To make the most of the narrow living room, apply LED panels on the ceiling throughout the room. You can create a strong impression to your paintings or photographs on the walls by installing LED spotlights. Don’t worry that you might ruin your paintings or plants because LED doesn’t release heat and UV rays.
Hanging LED Pendant Lights that Boost Your Appetite
The living room and the dining room are the right place to gather and have some conversations. There’s no wrong to carefully choose lightings for these rooms. You can try applying the types of LED lights that are hanging from the ceiling or standing on the corner of the room, or hang some LED pendant lights above the dining table so that the spot lights directed to the dishes at the dinner table.