30+ Ultra Minimalist Apartment For A Young Bachelor

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When was the last time you see minimalism at its best? Today we are sharing a cool compact apartment, if we take a look at its stylish layout, we can say that minimalism is done just right.

This beautiful 40 square-meter apartment is belong to a young IT designer who fancy extreme spareness and simplicity. He wished for a clutter-free open-plan interior inside the house with no pointless ornaments or detailing, he wanted to see every element in the apartment rest in a state of order and really fulfill its function – kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, and work environment – all in one open space. The refurbishment was satisfied by architecture studio Ruetemple and now the apartment’s wall has been whitewashed and furnished with minimalist oak furniture.

Rather than building walls to separate the open-plan space, the architects used material finishes and created floor levels to characterized different area of the house. The apartment is done with a number of plain and simple built in furniture made of solid oak, including a tabletop that is placed between the kitchen and bedroom that has these functions as a kitchen worktop, dining table and work area all in one. The bedroom is created with a raised platform where a series of drawers for storage are located underneath it. A grid of shelving is placed next to the bed so that it’s hidden from view.

The bathroom is located hidden inside a large wooden cube as a substitute for the wall. It extends from the passageway of the apartment and wraps around into the kitchen. This oak wall includes some hidden storage cupboards, and on one of its edge there is a grid of open shelving that has beautifully arranged horizontally and diagonally. Opposite to the oak storage wall, another storage wall is created but this time in white furnish. This white wall of storage includes a built-in wardrobe and a dressing room.

To soften the look between the oak and white-washed surfaces, the architects plastered a grey rendered wall lines on one side of the open-plan space, spreading over the bedroom and living room area. The grey theme also used for the bathroom. The bathroom is done with utilitarian grey stone wall and white tiles. It is also fulfilled with minimalist fixtures. Take a further look of this minimalist and clutter-free design of the apartment from these pictures below!