30+ Beautiful Tiled Stairs Designs for Your House

1 min read

Tile is a popular material for covering various parts of the house such as floors, walls, and stairs. Tiles are mostly made of ceramic, it becomes the main choice because it can provide comfort and easy to clean. Choosing the types or motifs of the tiles for your floor is like giving your house a soul.

It’s no different when it comes to choosing tiles for the stairs, your stairs can be interesting if you choose the right tiles. Here we present some ideas of stairs tailing designs, from the most simple to the type that can refresh your eyes.

1. Matching Motif
If you already have an elegant tiles motif, then there is no harm in using the similar tiles for the stairs. The result will still be beautiful and elegant, even can give the impression of luxury.

2. Minimalist Staircase
The tiles for a minimalist house usually have a simple motif, But simple doesn’t mean boring. It can be enhanced by using a different color but still in the same type with the floor tiles.

3. Modern Style
Tiles with a modern design has its own charm. Combine geometric patterned tiles with plain tiles, your stairs corner will be more interesting and lively.

4. Tiled Staircase with a Classic Touch
If you want to create a different look of the stairs, but don’t want it to be too crowded, apply tiles with a classic motif of your choice on the risers. The result will look so simple but pretty.

5. Motifs Combo
Try experimenting a little by combining various tiles motifs for your stairs like this one. Every step has different motifs but it makes the stairs unique.

6. Matching Stairs and Walls
If you have tiled walls, you can match the stairs tiles to the walls and let the floor in a totally different motif.

7. The Combination
Ceramic tiles will still look beautiful when it’s combined with other materials, such as wood, like shown in the picture. You can also use other materials such as brick, concrete, or even glass. Just make sure that the material you choose still fits the interior of your house.

8. Mosaic Tiles
The tiles on this stairs are composed of a number of small tile pieces. You can be more creative and create a mosaic tiles pattern in various colors and shapes. It will definitely be more interesting if you can design it yourself, your stairs will be unique and personalized.