30+ Ideas to Update Your Kitchen on a Budget

When you are on a budget, you often postpone or end up not buying any particular item you need, just like when you want to fix the kitchen but the price of the furniture is too expensive and unaffordable.

This time, we are going to share with you seven simple ideas to decorate and enhance your kitchen in a fun and economical way. Take a look!

1. Touch of Nature
Plants are a natural and fun choice to renew the kitchen decorations at a low cost. Just keep in mind that when you decide to keep plants indoor, you need to put attention on the proper lighting and air ventilation. You can arrange your potted plants in the working area of the kitchen, the shelves, or on the counters.

2. Protect the Wall from Splashes with Style
As seen in this picture, protecting the walls from splashes can be an opportunity to decorate the kitchen and make it look wider. A Wooden or plastic cover can be coated by a geometric pattern or writings to give a deeper effect on the wall and make it look more fun.

3. Choose a Practical and Functional Solution
Solutions can be combined ranging from practicality that fits the criteria of aesthetics, spatial, and functional. As you can see, the small counter is extended to a circular wooden counter that can function as a cutting board. This round cutting board becomes the center of attention and this small counter is a smart and easy solution to enrich your kitchen.

4. Reduce Furniture
Replacing the kitchen furniture can be difficult and expensive. Why don’t you just reduce the number of cabinets and drawers? You can place shelves or racks for storage. This can save your budget, create a more casual look, and allows a better air flow.

5. Stylish Accessories
Accessories and kitchen tools can be a great combination to decorate your kitchen. You can get Containers of various shapes, ranging from the classic ones for sugar and salt, and the more decorative ones for other spices. This color and material choice can provide a contrasting look of the kitchen furniture.

6. Be More Creative
The kitchen utensils such as pots and pans can be used to brighten the kitchen look. Choose pans and pots in various colors and shapes that can be combined into a geometrical composition. Hanging pots and pans can be a creative way to decorate your kitchen. A chalkboard with Colorful writing can also be a good option to spice up the corner wall of the kitchen.

7. Kitchen Carpet
Choose the carpet colors that match the house decoration, for example, match it with the curtains or benches. Also consider to choose a washable material. The carpet can be a new twist of the house interior that doesn’t cost a lot of money.


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