20+ Super Inspirational Minimalist Interior Designs

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A minimalist interior design is usually identified with the element of wood, neutral color scheme such as black, white, and gray, also the amount of natural light filling the house. A house with a minimalist interior is always interesting to see and to spot its every detail. The following 10 interior designs of various rooms in the house can be your inspiration. Take a look!

1. The Lounge
If you have an extra space in your house, then this lounge inspiration can be your reference. A floor-to-ceiling bookshelves extends on one side of the walls. This room is a comfortable relaxing corner with a carpet, cushions, and storage drawer that also functions as a seat.

2. Bedroom in a Narrow Space
The following bedroom is narrow, but the dominance of wood element over the floor, wall insulation, and the desk successfully embody a minimalist style. This room feels comfortable and airy.

3. Minimalist Bathroom
The minimalist accent in this bathroom can be seen in the wooden ceiling that is equipped with several lights, while the rest of the interior consist of modern elements such as the bathtub design, glass partition, and grey floor.

4. Delightful Dining Room
This dining room style might remind you of a contemporary café. The minimalism in this dining room is found in the large window with black grilles and the high stools around the dining table.