30+ Beautiful Open Kitchens with Unique Partitions and Room Dividers

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The concept of airy room and open-plan space where anyone can move freely in the room is now an important part in contemporary houses. However, it also has drawbacks when the kitchen, dining room, and living room come together in one room. The smell of the cooking, the noise, and the views of dirty dishes—these problems make many builders think of separating the cooking area from other areas in the house. The solution to this is a partition or room divider that has a right structure, visual clarity, and ensuring more regular separation without limiting the modern impression. Take a look at these examples.

1. Sliding Glass Doors
This is one of the partition types that are quite popular. The glass doors can separate the kitchen from other rooms without making it feel isolated because you can still get the view of other rooms. It also allows the kitchen to get more lighting.

2. Kitchen Island or Breakfast Bar
The classic way to separate the open kitchen from the dining area and living room is by placing a cooking island or kitchen counter which can also function as a semi-room divider. This style can also be applied with a medium-sized cabinet or corner seating.

3. Unique Walls and Bookshelves
The wall is only built half the length of the kitchen. The combination of this wall with the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves make a cool entrance to the kitchen.

4. Lower Level Kitchen
You may not be free from the smell and noise from the kitchen, but this open-plan structure emphasizes the visual appearance. When the cooking area is located in the lower level compared to the surrounding, it will create a different ambiance with more comfortable and wider-looking appearance.