30+ Minimalist Ideas for Your House

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Minimalism is the most widely imitated style. However, is it really the “style” of your house? Is this style suitable to be implemented in any house with a certain character?
Before you decide to apply this style to your house, take a look at these examples that would inspire you to create a charming minimalist style.

The Front Facade
The clear shapes and straight lines are paired with several colors depicting a minimalist style. The starting point of this house is amazing, consisting of two cubes that catch the eye.

The Living Room
Minimalism also means making your furniture free from a pile of useless items so that the beauty of it could be visible to anyone. You should provide a storage space. The Lowboard from USM Haller offers the ideal solution by creating a furniture that is timeless and has a lot of storage space for your stuff. In this living room, there’s also a thick fur carpet that makes this room seem warmer with all the details.

The Kitchen
Kitchen is usually the messiest place of the house. As a solution, you should use a minimalist style with a lot of storage drawers. It’s also important to keep your kitchen equipment arranged beautifully and neatly. The white color is suitable for this style for it’s simple and timeless.