20+ Cute Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel Ideas

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An apron front sink is great addition for your home if you are planning to remodel your kitchen. It can add a touch of uniqueness and elegance to your kitchen, and give it a warm farmhouse feel. It can be the focal point for an entire remodel because it has such a visual impact on the entire room due to its unique open-front design.

There are many companies that manufacture different kinds of apron sinks; Kholer, Barclay, and Rohl for example. Farmhouse apron sinks are made from many different types of materials like stainless steel, fireclay, copper and porcelain. Each of the above mentioned materials create their own unique statement from the warming glow of the copper, to the contemporary look and feel of stainless steel.

They are also available in many designs and colors. Design wise, the depths can vary, though they will always be deeper than most other types of sinks, and they can either have one, two or three basins. It’s really up to you and your design senses to pick which one will work best in your kitchen for the long run.

These sinks can be a little pricey but it depends on where you’re planning to buy it and what type of material you want to have. Oddly enough, buying “used” might not be the way to go here. Vintage and antique farmhouse kitchens can be at least as expensive as new ones, and sometimes more. You can find vintage cast iron models on eBay for over a thousand dollars. Conversely, you can find some for a relatively cheap price if you can find a modern remodel; try Craigslist for that.