20+ Simple Minimalist Pantry Organization Ideas

1 min read

Is your pantry cursed with paltry shelving space? Double your shelving space without breaking your back – or your bank account. If your pantry is anything like mine, it is full of shelves that are at least 16 inches tall, while most of the items on the shelf are only 5-7 inches tall. The space between the top of my soup can and bottom of the shelf above (about 10 inches) is wasted unless I precariously stack cans on top of one another – leading to disastrous results when I grab that bottom can.

Increase your shelving space, without pulling out your power tools and taking a trip to the hardware store, by investing in modular pantry shelving units. You can find these units in wire and bamboo – and nearly everything in between. Wire units give a minimalistic, no-fuss appearance, while bamboo or other wooden units can provide a more permanent look while still being easily removed or reconfigured.

In addition to being available in different materials, shelving units are available in different heights, depths, and levels – all key components in providing flexibility to your ever-changing storage needs. Corner units make the most of the tricky corner spaces and easily hold your bowls, plates, and other dinnerware – keeping it neatly organized and within reach. Wire units allow for cans and jars essentially be stacked 2 high – one on the pantry shelf itself and another on the removable wire shelf – helping you fully utilize the space that was formerly wasted. Sliding shelves help you find items that are stored in the back, without requiring you to fumble around blindly or climb inside your pantry, as they bring those items from the back, forward. Use vertical dividers to separate cookie sheets, platters, and serving trays.

If you’re still running low on pantry shelving space, even after utilizing modular shelving units, then you can turn your pantry door into additional shelving space by using over-the-door storage racks. These easy to use, hanging systems can often be mounted as a whole unit or as separate shelves – providing you with additional storage and flexibility. And like the other storage shelves, these units are easily installed, removed, and don’t require power tools or a large bank account.