20+ Striking Bed Design Ideas For Bedroom

1 min read

There are many designs of beds from which to choose and a plethora of features available. This can sometimes make it hard to choose the right design that suits a consumer’s needs. When there are so many options, it can be confusing, so here’s a few suggestions to help determine which bed design is best for you.

Be aware that there are several basic designs on the market today. Platform beds are extremely popular because of their simple, clean lines and contemporary styling. There are several features available with various platform units such as a low profile unit with slat systems, a unit with drawers, and beds with no headboard or footboard…just simple.

Another design is a captain’s bed that provides many drawers as well as compartments for storage underneath the frame. You can find as many as 3 drawers for a twin size all the way up to a whopping 20 drawers with a queen or king size unit. No longer are these designs only influenced by the historical nautical style, but you can find these this design in many different styles for adults and youth alike.

Traditional designs are remain popular as a classic and offer headboards and/or footboards for a variety of styles and finishes. These beds generally require a box spring and mattress set. They also stand a bit higher than the more contemporary, low profile beds. For those who value classic, fine quality designs, there is no better designed bed than a traditionally styled bed.

Before you make your final choice on which is your favorite bed design, be sure to measure your bedroom area and see how much floor space you actually have. This will help determine what size and type of bed is best for your bedroom.