30+ Luxury Towel Storage Ideas For Bathroom

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One of the secrets of enjoying a soak in the tub with complete satisfaction is to finish off by being able to wrap oneself in a warm dry luxurious 100% cotton towel. But what if you have forgotten to leave a towel within reach or that is cold and damp? That’s the next secret, to have replacement towels waiting in the wings to be used. This is why bathroom linen cabinets are so useful, desirable and ultimately welcome.

While the traditional linen cabinet may have been intended for bed linen, towels also come under the “umbrella” of linen in the modern age. However, if you have just got out of the tub to find no dry towel available, what is the point of having replacements stored down the hallway when you are dripping wet already? You need the towels at point of use; in other words, a purpose designed bathroom cabinet for towels.

A linen cabinet for the bathroom can look much like any other linen cabinet. They are mostly made of wood, but you need to be sure you choose a cabinet made from a type of wood that will tolerate the damp and humid conditions. Not all woods or grades of wood composite are suitable for bathroom use. Some of the tough composite woods are warp free, but the lesser types are not. Generally speaking, hardwoods are better than softwoods, which will be inclined to absorb moisture to the detriment of the linen cabinet. Bamboo and teak are examples of hardwoods that stand up well to bathroom use.

If you do not want a separate bathroom linen cabinet for towels, other bathroom storage units can be utilized to store towels. One is the sink vanity, although a single sink vanity will probably have less storage space available than a double sink vanity. One other possibility is the use of an over toilet space saver with a cabinet, which you can use for towels as well as other bathroom items. Ultimately, it does not really matter if the cabinet or purpose made for towels or not. What matters is that you always have towels ready for use as you step out of the tub.