20+ Magnificient Living Room Decor Ideas For Your Apartment

1 min read

Let the size of the apartment be the only confinement you need to cope with, when you have decided to opt for contemporary living room furniture. With the enormous selection of living room decor in contemporary style, you need not worry about suites not fitting in, because mix and match is the way to go. Some like to be minimalistic, and that has its appeal as long as it does not extend itself into the bare and incomplete. With contemporary furniture, you can be sleek as well as comfortable.

If you like the appeal of polished natural wood, consider doing up the longest wall your living room in modular style in fine teak. Consider a parquet finish, just to be different. Four or five well constructed pieces of contemporary living room furniture would cater to all your storage and display needs. A tall, slim show case enclosed in glass, the interior of which is strategically lit by small focus lamps would display your fragile show pieces to full effect. A bookcase cum music system cabinet in simple clean-cut finish, a TV stand below which is a set of drawers for DVDs with a recessed area for the DVD player and finally perhaps a tasteful bar cabinet.

You could play with the arrangement to form a new visual as often as you pleased, while having all your possessions stored away in accessible ease. A coffee table, also in parquet finish teak, placed on a geometric patterned carpet in the center of the room, with the amount of seating you desire around it. A low-backed couch, an ottoman and skillfully placed scatter cushions would be very elegant. Place a couple of tall ferns in interesting pots beside the wall units.

If you would like to indulge in the more dramatic, consider a strong play of colors for your contemporary living room furniture. Consider a blue and white contrast combination. Begin with heavy blue drapes on either side of your windows with a white billowy fabric in the center. Keep your furnishings to the same color scheme, from the upholstery on two square-cut armchairs to your cushions and the carpet, but do not let it become monotonous. Do away with the traditional sofa. Add accessories accentuating the color combination by way of candle arrangements on occasional tables and some tastefully selected pottery.