20+ Captivating Treehouse Ideas For Children Playground

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With all the cool toys that kids can play with indoors, finding outdoor activities kids will actually go and do can be a challenge. Many children are drawn indoors by the lure of video games, television and other technology, leading to problems with sedentary lifestyles and childhood obesity.

Outdoor playground sets can provide children with hours of fun in their own backyards. You can encourage activity amongst your children or grandchildren by teaching them some of these fun games they can enjoy with outdoor play sets.

Making your own obstacle course with a great playground set keeps kids excited about playing outside instead of hibernating indoors. Use cones in conjunction with your play set and draw a map to outline the obstacle course. You’ll want to have the kids go through the course one at a time so you don’t have any accidental collisions. Once everyone has gone through the obstacle course you’ve made, you can enlist the help of the children to create a second obstacle course involving the different components of the play set and other yard toys.

Kids love emulating their parents and playing “house” is a game that every kid loves to play time after time. Drape an old sheet over the slide to create the house and encourage the kids to use swings for their vehicles. It won’t take much to fire off their imaginations as they pretend to be Mom and Dad taking care of day to day activities, going to work and coming home.