30+ Affordable Arranging Things Ideas In Home For Perfect Order

1 min read

As an interior designer, one of the biggest challenges I see people face is moving into a new home. There’s something really intimidating about that big blank slate.

I think it is for that reason that so many fall into the trap of trying to arrange the new home exactly like the old one, in spite of the fact that they are nothing alike! While I totally understand the rationale in this behavior, its success rate is precisely one in a million… and that would only be if you’ve bought the exact same model of home you just moved out of.

THESE rooms are a different size, different shape, different configuration, with different walls, different windows, and different traffic patterns! Trying to set up the old house in the new space usually just ends up a total function failure and looking like a confused hodge-podge.

In the end, having this flexibility with your possessions will pay off in a big way. It will save you a ton of time and backache trying to rearrange after the movers have left. Better still, you will get more use out of more of your existing items, which means less that you have to purchase, or at least that you can phase your purchases over a longer period of time. I also find over and over again that when my clients see their items in this totally new context, the reward is two-fold. First, it makes them feel as if all of the pieces were brand new, and second, being surrounded with the things they know and love has the effect of making this stranger of a house suddenly feel like home.