20+ Best Home Decoration Ideas With Snowflakes And Baubles

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The Christmas tree as we recognise it today, hails from Germany. Christmas decorations, similarly, are generally accepted to have come from this part of the world where the fashion for decorating the Christmas tree with simple white candles became very fashionable (though fairly dangerous by today’s standards). Over several centuries, baubles have evolved, spanning an amazing range of materials and designs.

Christmas baubles are simply irreplaceable in decorating the Christmas tree. Whereas a tree can look wonderful without lashings of tinsel, beads and lights, Christmas baubles are the one thing it just can’t do without.

The Latvians expanded tree decorations, developing a new fashion for decorating the tree with Rose blooms, which traditionally represented the Virgin Mary. The French took this trend a step further developing paper flowers and flowers made from silk which were obviously much longer lived. The French also decorated their Christmas trees with candles (again, something of a fire risk), sweets, nuts and biscuits.

The trend for decorating Christmas trees soared in the 17th century, where community to try to outdo one another, fashioning ostentatious ornaments of their own. The trend for hanging eggshells from Christmas trees painted in bright colours, with decorative patterns began and it is arguable that this was the beginning of the Christmas bauble as we know it today.