20+ Vintage Girls Bedroom Ideas For Small Rooms To Try

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The girl’s bedroom is her castle. Now getting time to sit with her and talk a plan to come up with the great bedroom theme. First thing you want to do is to calculate the height, width and length of the room. Then select which furniture you want to replace and which you want to keep. Then next thing you need to do is to spend a Saturday afternoon cleaning out the complete bedroom. Donate stuff she no longer needs and throw away stuff that is not good.

Accessories – Teenage girl bedroom decoration things a stylish bulletin board or a clock covered with a same fabric and many colorful push pins create good accessories. The fundamental is to match your bedroom accessories with your walls, window treatments and bedding. In case you are on the tight budget consider eBay or look in to thrift shops and consignment for good bargains. Make your window treatments easy. Use your wall and bedding colors for inspiration and include unique textures and patterns.

A throw rug is one more good method of introducing texture and pattern and can really bring the colours in your teenage girl bedroom together. If your teenage bedroom is small you want to imagine airy and open colours like pale pink or light green which will make the illusion of length to your bedroom space. Bolder colours can be introduced by utilising accessory items.

Lastly, the good lighting needs to be installed to make more beauty to the bedroom. You can have the traditional light bulbs and additional colorful bulbs. For young girls you can make additional sparkle night by putting up a chain of small white lights through the border of the wall. Hand decorated lampshades should give additional beauty to your lighting efforts. The bedroom decorations should reverse the girl’s personality. These ideas are not complete therefore; you can still make your input to get the desired effect.